C. Shreve the Professor – “Professing: Volume 2” (Release)

Recorded over the 6-month period following the release of Professing Vol. 1 back in June, Volume 2 of C. Shreve the Professor‘s series is filled with new styles, fresh rhymes, and dope beats. This is the first I’ve had a chance to bump the release, as it dropped in early December, but I really dig this project. Check out the track-listing, and listen and download below. Dopeness.

1. Daze (prod. by Aspie)
2. My Philosophy (prod. by P.U.R.P.)
3. It’s All Live feat. Phlo Deli (prod. by Handbook)
4. Mona Lisa (prod. by iLe Flottante)
5. Midnight Marauders (prod. by Flue)
6. Orbits (prod. by iLe Flottante)
7. Tyrannosaurus feat C.Pitt (prod. by ROMAINNN)
8. What’ve We Come To Know (prod. by Moz)
9. MegaPunch (prod. by Good Shepard) [Mind Ninjas] 10. What They Need (prod. by Handbook)
11. What You Waitin On (prod. by P.U.R.P.)
12. Parallel feat. Trapbo’ Chad (prod. by Space Gang)
13. Strive All Day (prod. by Tha Last Boss)
14. Truth (prod. by Good Shepard) [Mind Ninjas] 15. Forest Mirrors (prod. by Space Gang)
16. Jazzy Belle Freestyle


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