Cashus King – “Lost In The Wilderness” (Release)

Cashus King (fka Co$$) returned a few weeks ago with a brand new project in Lost In The Wilderness. This new full-length from the left-coast emcee is a little different than his usual projects, as there’s a lot of spoken word-esque pieces mixed in with a variety of raps you’re used to from Coss. The project was produced by Clouded Slum. Give this a listen and read about his project a bit more below, and cop this from Bandcamp.

“‘Lost in the Wilderness’ is less of a project, and more of an experiment. I wouldn’t classify it as a “rap album”.It’s better defined as a hybrid of rap verses and spoken word pieces, over instrumentals. Some tracks are conventional rap songs, some are strictly spoken word pieces. Some are a hybrid of both. My goal was to explore the more abstract layer of my lyricism, using “The Wilderness” as a metaphor for self discovery, my community, my friends, family, and existence in general. “Lost in the Wilderness” is the realization that knowing where you’re going in the literal sense doesn’t mean you aren’t lost figuratively. Thanks to all who have supported me in the past, and I hope you’ll continue to support me in the present and future. If you dig the project, share/repost it, tweet about it, stream it, etc.” – Cashus King


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