Children of the Night “Queens… Revisited” Release | @COTNMUSIC

I posted a track from this project a week ago that I dug. Here’s the full-length for you to check out. Stream and download below!

1. Intro Revisited [prod. By Black Noi$e] 2. Kids From Queens [prod. By Black Noi$e] 3. Trust [prod. By Matt Martians of Super 3] 4. Ellis (12:06 AM) (feat. Lakutis & Big Baby Gandhi) [prod. By Black Noi$e] 5. Woman [prod. By Hannibal King] 6. ILYAS [prod. By SKYWLKR] 7. Higher Learning (1:34 AM) (feat. Marz Lovejoy & Meechy Darko) [prod. By Left Brain] 8. Manishewitz [prod. By SKYWLKR] 9. Northernplayalistic (feat. Gita) [prod. By Black Noi$e] 10. ’86 Mets (3:05 AM) (feat. T.Shirt & Roc Marciano) [prod. By Black Noi$e] 11. World’s Fair Party [prod. By Black Noi$e] 12. Subway Series [prod. By SKYWLKR] 13. The Foundation (feat. World’s Fair) [prod. By SKYWLKR] 14. 4:4THREE AM [prod. By Thelonious Martin]


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