Christoph El’ Truento “A Series of Oopsie Daisies and Various Other Flora” Release | @el_Truento

Not only is the artwork dope, but this 17-track string of instrumentals put together by New Zealand’s Christoph El’ Truento is a great soundscape for your Sunday. Check out A Series of Oopsie Daisies and Various Other Flora below, and purchase this project from Bandcamp!

1. here
2. every dies dog body
3. dinosaur blanket
4. we fly with the moon as our guide
5. swer
6. gibbon saw
7. waiata’s favourite
8. game swim
9. clowns limbs grow back
10. 4u
11. sunshine
12. abandoned in space
13. letting go of this
14. sleaping
15. when someone is drowning you, is a good time to realize you’re a fish
16. bad ideas
17. one day your heroes will fall over


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