Chuck Inglish & Blended Babies – “Chemdream” ft. A$ton Matthews

Chuck Inglish and the Blended Babies will be dropping a collaborative project as Ev Zepplin, and today they released “Chemdream” with A$ton Matthews. Their self-titled project will drop on April 29th. Listen and read an interview that XXL did with Chuck and JP below.

XXL: This project sounds like it’s going to be epic. What does EV Zepplin mean?

Chuck Inglish: Ev Zepplin is me when Life happens. I made an album from a part of my brain that I usually don’t entertain. But I let the music tell me what story to tell. And it told a real one. A more personal musical journey and pure collaboration.

JP of Blended Babies: Ev Zeppelin [was] made over two to three years. Just felt like rock and roll when we were all jamming together. Makes total sense to call it Ev Zepplin. Drank tons of whiskey. Many of the guitar solos I can barely remember.
Rich from Blended Babies: Ev Zepplin is a perfect reflection of what all of us were going through when we made it; just escapism from life. Rock and roll and rap and the lifestyle that goes with doing both for a living. One of the most honest pieces of work I’ve ever been apart of.

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