Chuuwee “Crown Me King” Release | @ChuuweeTUS

I had been meaning to post this for a while, but every time I went to post it I kept realizing I needed to re-size the cover. I still haven’t gotten around to do that, but nonetheless here’s Chuuwee‘s latest project entitled Crown Me King. Download it below!

01. West Francia [Prod. By P.Beats] 02. Keep It Real (Feat. Mean Doe Green & Chez) [Prod. By ENG] 03. Rule The World [Prod. By Sauce Fonda] 04. Comin’ Up [Prod. By ENG] 05. The Crown Don’t Make You King (Ft. Don Trip & Dj Next) [Prod. By The Audible Doctor] 06. Pride & Prejudice [Prod. By Jonathan Lowell] 07. The Great American Race [Prod. By The DrummAddictz] 08. Smoke One For Doom (Feat. Abstract Ninjaa) [Prod. By ENG] 09. Murder Over Jordans [Prod. By Swoots] 10. The Emperors New Mood [Prod. By Sundown] 11. Scribe (Exterlude) [Prod. By Insightful] 12. The King Of Queens [Prod. By GoldenChild] 13. Chariot [Prod. By Swoots] 14. Your Highness [Prod. By Drian] 15. Southside Sunsets (Feat. Allen Guevera & Hopie) [Prod. By DAIMS] 16. Le Pere Du Peuple [Prod. By J.Blow] 17. Glorious Revolution [Prod. By ENG]



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