Closed Sessions: ATX “Theme Music” BTS w/ Fashawn, Buff1 & Scheme

Here’s the first official single from Rubyhornet’s Closed Sessions series. You can buy this song on iTunes right now. Track produced by DJ Babu

“But you never would’ve guessed that this was done in Texas…”

The line above from Buff1 catches me every time, and sums up so much about Closed Sessions: ATX (in-stores 3.15.11). That’s why this song is called “Theme Music” and it is the first official single from the album. Similar to “The Roadhouse”, which we leaked last week, “Theme Music” is produced by DJ Babu of The Beat Junkie’s/Dilated Peoples and features three emcees from different states murdering every bar. The song is a statement on the moment in which it was recorded as Fashawn kicks it off by kicking out the weak before advising “you should get out of your seats, it’s about to go down.” The former XXL Freshmen is followed up by Buff1 straight from Ann Arbor, Michigan, while Chicago’s Scheme finishes off the track.


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