Co$$ “The Future’s Past: A Collection of Rejected Excellence” (Mixtape) Release

This just dropped a day or so ago. I’m sure it’s got some gems on it.

Future’s Past is a collection of material circa 09- present that I did not have exact destinations for. It is apart of the C.O.R.E.(collection of rejected excellence) series started by Blu and carried on by Sene and I a few years back. My first C.O.R.E. release was Tomorrow’s Yesterday, this is the follow up….Some songs were cut from my debut project, ‘Before I Awoke’, and other songs were leaked on to blogs during the last year or so….I have dropped a lot of random material and I wanted to put it all on one project so heads who may have missed the leaks the first time get a chance to hear the songs..This is not my official mixtape, I’ll be dropping that in the next month or so. The ‘Sleep Walking’ mixtape will feature 16 new songs, all original production, followed by my debut, Before I Awoke, being released on Tres records early summer. Thanks to all who take time out of their day to support the music, your support is truly appreciated.



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