Codany Holiday “808’s & Soulbreaks” Release | @CodanyHoliday

New release from Codany Holiday. 808’s & Soulbreaks is his first album and Amp Live(Zion I) helped out producing much of the album, so give it a listen, y’all.

Track list:
1. Soul (Intro)
2. Baby Feat Charles Bailey
3. Consequences
4. Jamie Lidell- All I Wanna Do (Amp Live Remix feat Codany Holiday)
5. Fly Away (produced by Errol Cooney & Michael Auburn)
6. Amp Live- D i f f erent (Remix feat Codany Holiday)
7. Radiohead- 15 Stepz (Amp Live Remix feat Codany Holiday)
8. Zion I- Sorry (Remix Edit feat Codany Holiday)
9. Carry On
10. Lies
11. Let Me Take Care Your Body (produced by Vernon Hall)
12. The Block (produced by Headnodic)

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