Colours Of The Culture – “Roy G Biv: What A Colourful World” (Release)

Roy G Biv: What A Colourful World is the new project by Colours Of The Culture, the new collective headed by Talib Kweli. Check out the 18 track release and peep the roster below. You can grab the release on #KweliClub.

Colours Of The Culture includes but is not limited to Thanks Joey (producer) NIKO IS (MC) Chaz Van Queen (MC, producer), Talib Kweli (MC), Truly Def (MC), Krikos (producer), YousTheJuice (visual artist) Chris Smith (filmmaker), Henry Daher (producer), Paulina Vo (singer), Seth Byrd (comedian), Anthony “Townsky” Diaz (Musician, Producer), The Narcysist (author, musician, actor, professor, filmmaker), K’Valentine and Palmer Reed (MC, singer, songwriter, musician).

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