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Converse Rubber Tracks launched their free Sample Library with Indaba this past week, which includes over 11,000 free high-quality sounds for you producers to browse through. Read more about it below, and check out their website and get to work! Click here.

Welcome to the Rubber Tracks Sample Library, an ever growing collection of free, high-quality audio samples recorded at Rubber Tracks.

As the culture of music changes and as technology evolves, creative power is increasingly concentrated in the hands of individual musicians. There is no more need for the multi-million dollar budget to make a record; a hit can be produced in a bedroom, a garage, or even in transit.

The Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library is a royalty-free library of one shots, loops, and stems recorded at Rubber Tracks studios. Created in partnership with Indaba Music, the library will provide a unique resource for musicians all over the world at no cost. Creators are free to explore, download, experiment, and create using library samples and are empowered to utilize the resulting works in unlimited ways.

Converse Rubber Tracks is a community-based professional recording studio in Brooklyn, NY. Emerging musicians of all genres can apply for free studio time. If selected, artists record at no cost while maintaining the rights to their own music. In addition to our Brooklyn studio we partner with local recording studios in San Francisco, Boston, Toronto, and Los Angeles to provide free recording time for local musicians. Follow this link to fill out an application.

Indaba Music is an online community over 900,000 musicians and a place for musicians to gather, get feedback, and hone their craft. Indaba presents its community with incredible opportunities to create and submit original, cover, and remix music. Submitted music is then connected with millions of consumers as well as major record labels, film/tv, video game studios, and some of the largest consumer brands in the world.

Indaba Music has partnered with Converse Rubber Tracks to power the technology behind the Sample Library, produce the recording sessions, and chop them up into over 10,000 samples, loops, and stems.By signing up for either the Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library or the Indaba Music community you’ll have access to both sites – always free of charge.

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