CunninLynguists – “Rose Azura Njano” (Release)

The CunninLynguists returned a week or so ago and dropped a brand new album in Rose Azura Njano. The trio of Deacon the Villain, Kno and Natti have 12 new songs for you to digest. Check their upcoming tour dates here.

You can stream, purchase the digital copy, and check out physical options from Bandcamp. Read more about the intent of the project below.

“The album, originally entitled Chromesthesia, is about the title character, Rose Azura Njano, and her journey to find herself and figure out her own story — which leads her to an interesting discovery by the album’s last track. Her name represents the three physical primary colors and we thought it would be interesting if the path of someone who could ‘hear colors’ was used as a personification of black music’s roots in American upheaval. It isn’t a political album necessarily but definitely has socio-political leanings. Though, I’m not sure if we could make a record that didn’t in these days and times, honestly. Mainly, it’s a celebration of black music and the many different styles and messages and overall impact it has had on American culture and on the world.” – Kno


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