Curbside Jones “Reflection Champloo (Produced by Phill Blanks) | @CurbsideJones @PhillBlanks

Here’s a nice joint from Curbside Jones for you to reflect to. I can dig it.

The Idea behind Reflection Champloo was spawned by recent set backs in life. Sometimes it’s hard to look at the person in the mirror and say it’s “truly” you, especially if you’re not living up to your expectations. Knowing you’re not where you want to be you can either let the doubt and failure consume you, or stand up and move forward and make things happen. The track was also my way of paying homage to the late Nujabes, hence the choice of the title. The production for the track was handled by UK producer Phill Blanks. Reflection Champloo will be featured on my long awaited Re-Release of The Cherry Blossom Effect: Endless Dream Theory as a bonus track. Expect to hear more Curbside Jones x Phill Blanks collaborations on the re-release and in the near future!

Download “Reflection Champloo” via Mediafire

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