Daedelus Interview w/ New Old Heads BACKSTAGE Series [Discussion #6]

“I kind of held him [MF DOOM] hostage until he kicked the verse.” – Daedelus

The New Old Heads‘ own Lonegevity sat down and had a conversation with the one-and-only Daedelus about a variety of topics when he stopped in Indianapolis in late 2017 with Mono/Poly and Free The Robots. He talked about his early work with MF DOOM and Madlib, how “Accordion” got made, touring, creating culture, his creation process, and more. Stream his Taut project below as well.

Watch the interview above, and check out all of the interviews in the New Old Heads Backstage Series from this link. This is interview/discussion #6 of the Backstage series, fueled by us at BDTB.

Video: Michael Anthony of Red August
Sound: Sean “Lonegevity” Stuart
Venue: The Jazz Kitchen


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