David Dallas “T.S.T.S” (Produced by Fire & Ice) | @DdotDallas

Something new from David Dallas just because.

Sometimes you just rap. Not with any concept or song in mind, not for a project… just to rap. Because it’s fun. Often when you start taking yourself seriously as an ‘artist’ you begin to only create for a ‘reason’ – you’re tryna make a great album, you’re tryna get a message across, you’re tryna make people happy etc. Sometimes you have to say fuck all that and just rap, that’s reason enough.

Got a few projects in the pipeline and this isn’t for any of them – it isn’t for the radio, and it isn’t for people who just like the cat in the ‘Take A Picture vid, this is for you guys. -David Dallas

Life connoisseur. It's threats pimp. I'm so sincere.

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