Denzil Porter “Take Me Away” Video | @DenzilPorter

Directed by Jaison Blackrose.

Here’s a visual off of Denzil’s Porter’s Pot release dropping next month. The track is produced by Mark Xlnce.

“Take Me Away” is a feel good song with a light jazz feel depicting the growth of Denzil Porter as a young boy, newly experiencing relationships while writing and still trying to balance chasing his dreams as he grows into a young man. “Even if she walk out on me, I got music in my corner”, Denzil raps while we follow his story through a fisheye lens giving the viewer a more intimate visual, as if apart of his dreams. “No matter what you go through”, Denzil says, “your dream is your escape”, which he invites us to with this video.

I'm just trying to make my art and do what's smart. Cake donuts are clutch.

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