Doe Cigapom ft. DaNedra Rowel “CagedBirds” Video | @DoeCigapom @daynedra @antiSOULcial @aaronlynton

Here’s a dope single off the upcoming CagedBirds EP by Doe Cigapom and Soulful!. Check out a little bio, as well as production credits for the video below.

Doe Cigapom (“Deliver On Emotions” & “Can I Get Peace Of Mind”) acronym illustrates his mission to shed light on the very real healing powers of music. Throughout his own difficult life experiences, music has been the remedy for Doe’s peace of mind. Doe was born and raised in Washington D.C. at a time when our nation’s capital was undergoing historic struggles. This undeniably had a direct impact on his upbringing, but as Doe emphasizes “there was always music” as his main source of solace.

As it often happens for many of our most cherished artists, as a child Doe became mesmerized by the music (particularly the drums) of the church services he attended as a child with his mother, prompting him to pursue teaching music and eventually becoming one of the most preeminent timbales and conga players in the effervescent “Go Go” music scene of D.C. while still
only a teenager.

After college, Doe’s interests gradually began shifting towards a more Hip-Hop related sound, which combined his rhythmic abilities with his love of poetry. Soon thereafter, he began rapping at local venues, using it as a therapeutic platform to confront the painful experiences of his past; and as Doe states “giving him a new lease of life.” This summer, Doe Cigapom will release a collaborative EP entitled, CagedBirds, with producer Soulful! via the upstart Indie Love Enterprises Company. The first taste of the CagedBirds EP can be seen here as the group releases their self-titled first video “CagedBirds” f/ DaNedra Rowel.

Producer/Director/Editor: Aaron Lynton (@aaronlynton)
Camera Operators: Aaron Lynton and Jarad Kleinberg (@JaradKleinberg)
Key Grip: Luke Raines
Post Touch-Ups: Adam Amaral (@masterofshapes)
Production Assistant: Kevin Kim (@Kevin_L_Kim)
Stylist: Tashira Halyard (@politicsandfshn)


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