DOPEHEAD “Plaid Palm Trees” Deluxe Release | @KINGJOOKY

So, I listened to the first song and thought to myself: “Kind of sounds like Danny Brown…”

I then read further and saw that DOPEHEAD was a part of Detroit’s Bruiser Brigade. For some reason, I was not aware of this project, and after listening to a few cuts on this project, I’m digging it. Give this a listen when you get a moment. Find out more here.

Detroit’s Bruiser Brigade member DOPEHEAD drops the Deluxe Edition release of his critically acclaimed mixtape Plaid Palm Trees, ranked by among their top 50 mixtapes of 2011 and by Stereogum as their mixtape pick of the week (10/12/2011). The re-release includes three never heard before bonus tracks, including the Skillz produced “Jooky” and “Get High”, featuring Chavis Chandler (prod. by Frank Dukes). Equipped with a Garbage Pail Kids inspired artwork overhaul, Plaid Palm Trees is all yours for the bargain bit rate of $2.99. #jooky.


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