Dumbfoundead – “Rocket Man” (Release)

Dumbfoundead has returned with a brand new project and video in Rocket Man this past week. In a clever take on both Donald Trump’s “Rocket Man” comments about Kim Jong Un (and him being Kim Jong Un), Dumbfoundead addresses both in his video – and short EP. Interestingly enough, the video above was banned from South Korea for the video’s references. Read more about that with an interview he did with P&P.

Above you can watch THE CUT-directed video for the title track, “Rocket Man,” and below you can find streams via Spotify and iTunes.

“This EP had me thinking about my dad and mom coming to this country as immigrants. I tried to think from their perspectives – they’ve made a lot of mistakes, so this is not just about the ‘triumphant immigrant’… it’s me turning up, getting ratchet! I don’t want to tell just the immigrant success story, this is about everything going on right now and how we have to survive.” – Dumbfoundead


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