Edward Cayce “Puppycrusher the Anthology” Release

Here’s a new instrumental album to check out. Poor puppy.

Puppycrusher the Anthology” is a collection of music created by Edward Cayce (producer for The Hollowz) over an undetermined stretch of time that falls in to one of the following categories. This is a group of tracks that were either defaulted on, reserved for projects that fell through, ideas that were never fully developed into a final song, music that was sold but never released, music that was released but never heard or music that was released and heard but were so awesome they need to be released again to be heard more.

Oh yeah, and one of them is cursed.

Mr. Cayce felt that all of these songs deserved to be available to you for your listening enjoyment and hopes that releasing these tracks will breathe a new rush of sales for the artist’s whose songs have been previously released. The remaining songs are here because it’s only fair that they be heard.


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