F.olk (of Late Bloomers) “wintersummersprung” Release | @smallfolk

Here’s an instrumental album by Folk of Late Bloomers, formerly known as Ahhzel.

The basic idea/theme to this EP came from reading about how girls tend to break up with their significant others during summer. Then once winter comes along, they start getting in new relationships or some scientific shit like that and I felt like that applies to music because you like all these random songs in summer, but they’re only good for the summer, and when winter comes you start listening to more of that stick to your ribs type “this is one of my favorite songs ever” type stuff.

1. I.Hate.Your.Taste.In.Music.But.You.Got.A.Nice.Ass
2. Every.Time.I.See.A.Better.Looking.Girl.I.Temporarily.Forget.You.Exist
3. Im.Too.Cheap.To.Take.You.On.A.Date
4. I.Think.I.Like.This.Girl.But.She.Texts.Me.Too.Much
5. This.Is.Probably.Just.A.Fling
6. She.Smashed.The.Homies


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