First Serve “Pushin’ Aside, Pushin’ Along”

Posdunos and Dave from the legendary De La Soul have come together again to form First Serve, and the self-titled project is dropping in the spring. Here’s the first single, and below is a little more insight.

The last we heard of First Serve it was 3am in a Parisian suburb at an out of control house party with ‘The Goon Time Mixtape’ blasting into the night. That was just a taste of things to come from De La Soul’s Plug 1 & Plug 2 present ‘First Serve’; a dynamic hip-hop group, an album, a concept, the soundtrack to a movie that has yet to be made and a fable for our times.

‘First Serve’ is many things, but at its heart it is the story of two young boys from Queens, New York with big dreams and larger rhymes. Two friends, Deen Whitter (aka Plug 2 / Dave) and Jacob ‘Pop Life’ Barrow (aka Plug 1/ Pos), friends from seventh grade, are by their own admission, “different, but the differences seem to complement everything we do.” Their name ‘First Serve’ comes from their motto, “First come, First Serve, get what you deserve.”

We get a first glimpse into their world in the form of the track “Pushin’ Aside, Pushin’ Along”. Due to hit the streets in April 2012, the ‘First Serve’ album, made with acclaimed French production team 2 & 4 (aka Chokolate & Khalid), tells the story of two dreamers in a basement struggling to start their musical career, the battles they face, through to the point that they eventually release their debut single, ‘make it big’ and their hard work and persistence finally pays off. As we know that is rarely where the story ends and the story of ‘First Serve’ is no different. Taking place in an animated world that could have been imagined by Hawley Pratt on Magic Mushrooms, the high spirited and often hilarious journey is pure old school hip-hop; skits, disco, beats, funk, quips, burns and hustlin’ all included.


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