Foci “The Achievement Gap” Release | @iamfoci

Foci‘s The Achievement Gap dropped in the inbox last week and I’m suggesting you to give it a bump. If you really dig the project, you can head over to Bandcamp for a signed physical copy. Check below for more information.

While this is a concept project that addresses various facets of academic success, this album also touches on revealing FOCI’s insecurities (Motion Pictures), his search for love and companionship (Promise Land), and the murder of his best friend and manager Cesar Morales (Cesars Song).

The Achievement Gap as a whole serves as a statement on the current condition of Hip-Hop, which ultimately culminates in the songs (Real DJs & Desperado). Unlike many of the new artists that are coming out today whose success is simply measured by how well their album charts, FOCI is more concerned with making sure that this album measures up to the standards of the legends that he has shared the stage with.

For FOCI, his responsibility is clear; whether working with students in the classroom with a lack of proper materials (Devil in Disguise) or taking listeners to school on wax (Three’s A Crowd), one way or another, FOCI will do whatever he can to make sure that The Achievement Gap is nothing more than a distant memory.

I'm just trying to make my art and do what's smart. Cake donuts are clutch.

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