FREE THE ROBOTS Interview w/ New Old Heads Backstage Series [Discussion #3] (Video)

The latest in the Backstage Series by the New Old Heads features talented DJ and producer Free The Robots. The Backstage series by New Old Heads is a one-off interview/discussion series where the New Old Heads sit down and have conversations with talented artists that stop through Indianapolis.

The New Old Heads‘ own Lonegevity got a chance to talk with Free The Robots before his performance at the Hi-Fi in December 2017, as he was on tour with Daedelus and Mono/Poly for their Antidote tour. They talked everything from influences, where he’s from, how he got started making tracks and DJing, first DAWs, favorite projects of his own, working with Opio in the forest (of the Hieroglyphics), traveling and his touring experiences (and staying for extended periods of time), his creative process, creating culture and more!

Watch the interview above, and check out all of the interviews in the New Old Heads Backstage Series from this link. The series is fueled by us at BDTB.


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