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Here’s a gem that dropped in the inbox by artist Funky DL. This entire project, Sometimes I Have to Wonder​.​.​., is a free-project that is based around Stevie Wonder songs/samples. Give this a listen below, grab the free download from Bandcamp, and read the write up for a little more information on the project. Enjoy!

Following the success of both Back To Frank and Back To Rap, where he took on the giant audio of original Amy Winehouse joints, Funky DL brings it back with the follow up in his “Funky DL Samples” series… with his FREE downloadable “Sometimes I Have To Wonder” EP.

This time, DL takes on the music from the legendary Motown musician “Stevie Wonder” and gets busy in the studio meshing his production skills and rhymes with Stevie’s classic 60’s and 70’s sound. “My Cherie Amour” (1969), “He’s Misstra Know-It-All” (1974), “Thank You Love” (1966) and “Please Don’t Go” (1974) provided the landscape for DL to do his thing…

“I’ve always messed with Stevie breaks”, DL states “But I have always been a bit more obscure with it, to the point you’d probably never know by the time I get chopping, but this was the time to be obvious to (of course) celebrate the magic that is Stevie”

Apparently Funky DL had enough beats to turn this into a full album but felt that could be a possibility later on down the line.

This project should nicely tie listeners over until Funky DL’s next album entitled “NANE” drops in either late 2012 or early 2013 (to which there is a snippet of the track “I’m a Beast” included once you download the full “samples Stevie Wonder” EP

Funky DL has remained one of the most consistent artists to do it in hip-hop, with quality release after quality release, and this EP is no exception.

Look out for the 2 bonus tracks… firstly the “Rocky Balboa” inspired “Only Just a Matter of Time feat. Louise Bagan sampling from Bill Conti’s “Going the Distance”… and the soulful “Another Girl (Gods Other Daughter)” featuring Dyanna Fearon and sampling “Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions “The Girl I Find”.

Also, “Another Girl” is actually the follow up track to the BBE records released “Gods Daughter” from DL’s “The Interview Album” (2009).


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