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Funky DL - Too Hard To Beat

Here are 19 instrumentals from producer Funky DL for you to check out. You can also buy this album as a part of his 7 Album instrumental bundle for only £17.00. Check his site for that.

If the question is asked “which hip-hop artist in the UK is most comparable to an indestructible and unstoppable locomotive?” There’d probably be one name that surfaces, resurfaces, and surfaces yet again… “Funky DL”.

Already this year, not only has this monster of a producer released his Japan attributed “Nights in Nippon Jazzstrumentals Album” (N.I.N.J.A.)… and then a 31 track beat bonanza in “The Lawshank Redemption Instrumentals… then came back and brought us his ever popular growing and freely downloadable ‘Funky DL samples Stevie Wonder EP’ entitled “Sometimes I Have To Wonder”… He now steps back into the arena with a new instrumental release, fittingly entitled “Too Hard To Beat”…

The set comprises of 19 head banging beat gems of which 16 are previously unreleased and never before heard. With the lead up to DL’s next full studio album entitled “NANE”, the Funky one takes no prisoners with his discharge of audio catalogue which so far seems to exceed almost any and every artist out there, big or small…

For a man who is not signed to any major or independent label and in contrast runs his own outfit releasing quality product after quality product, the question must be asked, “just how does he manage to do it”… the answer may not be as explanatory as one would like, but nonetheless a simple one … “this my friend, is Funky DL”

And that reason alone warrants all the genuine support an artist like DL deserves… so purchase this one if you are feeling the vibes…


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