Gergez “Beat Garden Compilation, Volume 3” Release | @Gergaz

GERGAZ, a music label, celebrates its 5th year with this new compilation from their BEAT GARDEN series. As you might expect, the 3rd instalment puts together emerging artists side by side with household names in the world of beats and bass.

Aiming to offer a variety of engaging sounds as well as to point out those young talented artists out there, we have gathered 18 tracks for this year compilation that we felt strongest about. The compilation includes Headshotboyz feat. Dalma Berger, Kelpe, Mute Speaker, FVLCRVM, Oddlogic, Shatter Hands, Yuki Sato, Sina., Fallgrapp, The Black Arrow., sosiego/金, Jimmy Pé, KONCH!S, Stratasoul, Nolan House, Broc Berrigan, GLGN, Je$u$ and Jetsam.

1. The Black Arrow. – The Chase (Jimmy Pé remix)
2. Stratasoul – Sherryblossoms
3. Fallgrapp – Arca Natura
4. Kelpe – Puds (Sina. Remix)
5. Brock Berrigan – Brooklyn Bob
6. Je$u$ – Like Energy
7. Mute Speaker – Captain Howdy
8. Shatter Hands – Backside Disaster
9. KONCH!S – Bruk Out
10. Yuki Sato – paw
11. Nolan House – Jordan (GLGN remix)
12. Jetsam – Desert Child
13. sosiego/金 – Animas
14. Oddlogic – Minerva
15. GLGN – Hadaikum
16. Jimmy Pé – Buzzout
17. headshotboyz feat. Dalma Berger – Don’t Cast The Devil Out of Me
18. FVLCRVM – That’s the way it is


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