Get Introduced To The Beat! Lo-Fi Social Event & B!W1-4

We at BDTB are happy to announce a brand new collaboration with Slot-A‘s Beat! brand and Lo-Fi Social event. Not only will we help house the Lo-Fi Social sample flip contests, but we’ll also be helping expand the Lo-Fi Social producer showcase event to Indianapolis this May.

On May 16th at the Hi-Fi, we’ll be back fueling the Indianapolis music producer scene with our first Lo-Fi Social event, and we’ll be regularly throwing these events every month thereafter. More details on the event will be coming in the near future. Follow us on Twitter @beatlofisocial. Before that, there will be a Lo-Fi Social event in Chicago on April 24th.

Being said, what I’ve added below are the first four Lo-Fi Social weekly flip playlists. If you’d like to get involved in the community and participate, please click this link to check that out.

Even more, Slot-A will be starting his own Beat! Lo-Fi Social Radio show tonight, and will air every Wednesday night from 10P-1A. Check out the flyer below, and below that you should check out a Slot-A talking about his Beat! idea via The Morning Rush radio show.



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