GLC “The Anti Simp” Release | @GLCtheISM

GLC is back with another free release featuring production from Jon Connor, Cardo, Dae Dae, Young Chop, DJ Fu, Xcel, Brandun Deshay, SK, Click Clack, and others. Check the track-listing and download link below. ISM!

1.You Quiet (Prod. by Dae Dae)
2.Smokin (Prod. by Young Chop)
3.Molly Do Prolly Do (Skit)
4.I’m In It (Prod. by Dae Dae)
5.Recognize Gz (Prod. by Cardo)
6.Marshall Faulk (Prod. by DJ Fu)
7.Pussy Preach (Prod. by Xcel)
8.Whisper In The Summer’s Ear (Prod. By Brandun Deshay)
9.Give Me The Reason (Prod. by SK)
10.Bogus Set Up (Prod. by Dae Dae)
11.Pagers (Prod. by Wild Beats Team)
12.Lone Star (Prod. by Jon Connor)
13.I Ain’t No Simp (Skit)
14.Russian Roulette (Prod. by Click Clack)
15.Stand Down Ism (Prod. By SK)
16.My Attitude Is Gratitude (Prod. by Mr O)
17.Simp Guy or Fly Guy (Skit)

Download “The Anti Simp” via DatPiff

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