GravityMovement – “EsotericEP” (Release)

The EsotericEp by GravityMovement actually started out as the Foreign Soil project, but quickly transformed into what you see and hear today. There’s also a song featuring J.Nolan and DJ TEKWUN. Be on the lookout for more music! More information about the project below.

I’m originally from NY and have relocated to NC (Raleigh/Durham area). Since being in NC, I released a project entitled “The Genesis”(2010) and previous to that I dropped Love Eternal. I took a little time off to focus on family life. With things in order in that part of my life I am back to the beats! Please check out the project and offer any feed back if time permits.

This project is a bit experimental in comparison to my other projects and actually started out as another project and transformed into what it is. It features J.Nolan and Dj Tek Wun on “Over Here”. I actually laid a few verses on “The Essence” as well. The rest of the project are mood altering instrumentals.

I'm just trying to make my art and do what's smart. Cake donuts are clutch.

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