Hidden Orchestra “Vorka” Video | @HiddenOrchestra

Give this a view and listen, and check the write up below for more information on its origin. You can grab Vorka here and pre-order the upcoming album Archipelago here and/or here.

Electronic jazz collective Hidden Orchestra has continually brought their creative visions to new heights combining music, video, and various media to create not only a song, but a feeling, an ambience, and a story. With “Vorka,” things are no different. The group, made up of dueling percussionists Tim Lane and Jamie Graham as well as multi-instrumentalists Poppy Ackroyd and Joe Acheson, have made a career out of touring almost non-stop creating a diverse fan base that appreciates the group’s experimentally infectious attitude.Created using pre-existing footage from [Vorkapic]…the footage was projected onto various things then re-filmed and edited to synch with the tune. The tune was inspired by Acheson’s experience of working on a radio adaptation of a 1970′s Japanese sci-fi novel, and features a floating hook played on the musical saw by skilled cellist Su-a Lee. The outcome is dramatic, intriguing, and engaging.


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