Homeboy Sandman – “Veins” (Release)

Homeboy Sandman dropped a new album, digitally, last week on Stones Throw, titled Veins. The 10-track project officially drops on April 7th, but as previously said, you can stream it today. I’m not sure of the exact production credits for the whole project, but I do know that Kev Brown produced “Between The Clouds.”

“On my last couple of albums I challenged myself with regard to formats, trying to push the envelope as far as what exactly constitutes a rap record. ‘Talking (Bleep)’ and ‘Problems’ were my last two lead singles, both markedly unconventional. I adore both of those songs and I adore both of those albums specifically for the new creative fulfillment I enjoyed while making them. There’s much more of that to come, but after spending 3 years outside of the box I was left with a burning desire to just fuckin rhyme. That’s Veins.”

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