IAMNOBODI – “Mad World” & Interview

The talented IAMNOBODI just recently released a multiple-layered song in “Mad World”, which he discussed with OKP. The song/instrumental clocks in at just 10-minutes, and features multiple change-ups and vocals samples that emphasize his overall theme. Listen below, check out the interview, and stay tuned for more.

OKP: First off, what’s on your mind right now? It feels like you’re letting these samples, these speeches, especially the first one from William Hayden, are pretty clearly a call out for justice and a better world. Just fill us in on your view of the world right now.

Nobodi: That’s what it really is to be honest. There’s so much going on in the world right now and instead of helping and care for each other we treat each other like shit. I notice that everyday again and again. We live in a time where a man like Donald Trump is running for President! In a time where f.e. people in North Korea don’t know what Facebook is because one man is dictating and controlling everything! It’s 2015 and racism is still a major issue all across the globe. So ‘Mad World’ really is an attempt to encourage people to think about that a little bit.

OKP: Musically there are so many joints in here, some of them dense and some a little looser. Did you make these all during the same time? Were they extras you had lying around that you decided to put together recently? Or were they all composed newly, for “Mad World” specifically.

Nobodi: It’a bunch of ideas i had but i never really found time to finish it. So one day i just sat down and finished it. It’s some newer material in there, for sure. But this is not an EP, Sampler, Album or anything like that. It is more like an audio experiment. That’s what i would call it. My official album is dropping early next year and it’s called Wide Awake In A Dream.

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