IllSmith (Kardinal Offishall & Double Time) – “FRESH (So Ill)”

Kardinal Offishall and producer Double Time dropped this single off of their upcoming collaborative The Murkle EP release about a week ago. Be on the lookout for the new Illsmith project soon. Lyrics below.

*People dying for Jordans Jordan dying of laughter though*
*U just spent your last 3 bills hustling backwards yo*
*Living at your mama crib wit 10 pairs of Jeremys*
*No pot to piss in but ur kix a different pedigree*
*Graduated from Spellman but can’t spell the remedy *
*Fat lady singing but you ignoring the melody*
*Camped out overnight for the new Yeezys*
*Money’s on E but your ego is screaming feed me*
*Bill collector calling while you surfing on nice kicks(.com)*
*IRS is on ur Instagram lookin thru hype pix*
*Date stamped showin that u bought dem joints last week*
*Served wit legal papers this morning so now u can’t sleep*
*U owe 20 thousand but u spent that on ur closet boy *
*Last week u was atheist now u praying for profits boy*
*–real stories of kids in North America*
*Dope is on the radio but Debt is what they selling ya*


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