BDTB has been sharing Indiana hip hop artists since 2009, and created a platform for Indiana hip hop music to be in the conversation with the rest of the world. We went a step further in 2014 and created to be our primary hub for sharing everything Indiana-based hip hop. On this page you will find not only a playlist collection of some of the best music from Indiana and Indianapolis hip hop artists throughout the years – as it is a cumulative archive with the newest released music listed first – but you’ll also be up to date on the new music that Indiana hip hop artists are releasing. You can submit your music to be on this playlist, or one of our international ones, through our submission system by following our guidelines. Visit our submission page for more details.


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Naptown's own Nappy Newt just dropped a brand new video for his "Get Gone" song,


Check out Naptown's own Baby Ebony, as he's released a new video in "Euphoria." Well


Naptown's own Double A just released a couple different things. A new EP in Peaked


Naptown's own Sirius Blvck has returned with a new video for "New Jacks," the first

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