Jamall Bufford – “Eat” ft. Clear Soul Forces, Obie Iyaho & Magestik Legend (Remix)

Jamall Bufford grabbed some of his favorite emcees for the remix of Eat, a track off of his recent Victim of a Modern Age album. The track is produced by Doc Illingsworth. Read what Jamall had to say about the track below.

I just wanted to get some of my favorite MCs on there so they could flourish = eat. I wanted to mix my era (Magestik Legend) and the next era (CSF and Obie Iyoha). It’s kinda crazy doing a song with CSF, my bro L.A.Z. hit me up way back in the MySpace days letting me know he was a fan of my music and asked me to teach him how to count bars. Fast forward to now, I’m a fan of his music and him and CSF are carrying the torch. Not my torch though cus I haven’t passed mine yet, haha.

I'm just trying to make my art and do what's smart. Cake donuts are clutch.

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