#KANSAS: Staying Central Is The Mission

First off, let me say that it is a pleasure to be a part of the BDTB family. They have been super supportive of the local Indianapolis scene and just good music in general for a number of years. My mission here at BDTB is shed some light on music from my hometown, the state of Kansas and surrounding areas.

We (Kansas that is) have had some national success with artist like Tech N9NE (who is actually from Kansas City, Missouri) and XV but artists like Stik Figa and Bizzy aka Pedro Bizz Juanjulio have been bubbling locally and nationally for a while. My goal is to share more music from talented artists from a region that is, in my opinion, overlooked.

I recently released a project called #TopekaTape, that features 20 different artists, all hailing from Topeka, Kansas. This project had some incredible feedback and led me to thinking a little bit bigger. BDTB graciously provided the platform to promote not only artists from Topeka but Kansas and surrounding areas as well. I look forward to sharing new music and videos from a bunch of artists, whom many of you have never heard of.

If you are an artist from Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, etc, please submit new music and videos through the submission page here. Follow the guidelines and I promise we will listen to and consider your music. I will spend a lot of time scouring the net for new material but I highly encourage everyone to send in music as well. Once again, thank you to BDTB for the opportunity and the platform to shed some light on my city, state and region.