Kids These Days – “Traphouse Rock” (Release)

If you’ve yet to experience Chicago’s Kids These Days, and enjoy hip-hop bands, I’m certain you will enjoy these cats. The group is made up of emcee Vic Mensa, vocalist Macie Stewart, bassist Lance Beckstrom, drummer Greg Landfair, trumpet player Nico Segal, and trombone player J.P. Floyd. Check the track-list below for Traphouse Rock, and grab the free download from the link I’ve shared below.

1. Intro (Mental)
2. Freakwheness
3. Ghetto
4. Doo Wah
5. Don’t Harsh My Mellow
6. Talk 2 You
7. Everybody Needs Somebody
8. Don’t Fall In Love
9. Bud Billiken
10. Don’t Blame Me (For You)
11. Wasting Time
12. Ain’t Got Love
13. Who Do U Love
14. L’Afrique
15. A Man’s Medley


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