Lee (Asano & Ryuhei) “U_U” Release

Beats and more beats on this new Lee (Asano+Ryuhei) beat tape, which is a instrumental project titled “U_U”. You can get one of the limited edition cassettes of this project by hitting this link.

Note: I was lucky enough to be able to discover Lee, the beat project of Ryuhei Asano, a few years ago as I first started venturing into the different pockets of micro-communites all around Soundcloud. Beatmusic had never really struck me so strongly before Lee and I remember immediately becoming inspired from it all. From there, I wound up diving into more of Japan’s rich Soundcloud culture and I haven’t looked back since. That’s why, more so than anything, I feel super humbled and entirely honored to be able to release Asano’s new album; ( u _ u ).


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