Let’s Do Lunch w/ Oreo Jones featuring Ryan Hickey of Oranje (Video) | @OreoJones @OranjeINDY

Video by Digital Rabbit.

In my prep for the Oranje Festival this year, I noticed this kitchen area and actually wondered if this was where Oreo Jones did his series. After looking around and remembering his old set I realized that it probably wasn’t, but then this video emerged.

In this episode, Oreo does lunch with Ryan Hickey of Oranje (who is also known as DJ Helicon), and they get into some Oranje-styled jello shots and various fried foods. And swag angels.

The festival is at the Centennial Hall building at the Indiana State Fairgrounds tomorrow evening (9/22/12) from 8PM until 2AM, and is only $20. If you grab your ticket today you save 5 bucks. Only 10 hours left to get the discount! Make sure you come out, and while you’re at it, come by and spit some raps or vocal stylings at our booth!

I'm just trying to make my art and do what's smart. Cake donuts are clutch.

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