Lo-Fi Social Radio (Ep. 4) w/ Awdazcate & Tony Baines (Harvey AllBangers Tribute)

We’re a bit behind in sharing it, but press play on episode 4 of Lo-Fi Social Radio with Slot-A. This week featured Awdazcate and Tony Baines on the show. Listen below and check out a bit more information. Follow us on Twitter at @beatlofisocial.

This episode of Lo-Fi Social Radio is brought to you by Slot-A, BringingDownTheBand.com & our sponsor, No Bad Ideas.

Lo-Fi Social Radio | Ep. 4 Awdazcate & Tony Baines (Harvey AllBangers Tribute)

This episode is in tribute to our fallen comrade, Harvey Allbangers. I had Awdazcate & Tony Baines come on to speak about their friendship, to talk about the character of such a great man. Baines blessed us with an impromptu beat set and so much game.

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