Locals Only, Volume 19 (May-July 2017 Edition)

If you submitted music to us in the last three months and are from Indiana, you made it on our Locals Only, Volume 19. We’ve also added other songs we’ve seen floating around. Our Locals Only series is a playlist we aim to release every month (sometimes every other month depending on music submissions) from all Indiana-based hip hop, rap and instrumental artists.

We are still taking the filter off in this series, as this playlist allows us to showcase various Indiana hip hop artists side by side. It doesn’t matter your style as long as you put out a decently high quality product. There are a total of 50+ different tracks (videos and songs) from Indiana-based artists for you to check out.

If you think you should be on this list, make sure you send us your music when you release it! We still share videos and releases as regular posts, but your singles and videos can get added to this as long as it’s on Bandcamp, Soundcloud or Youtube.

Check out the entire series here.


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