INDIANA’S HIP HOP REPRESENTATIVE. EST. 2009. – “lofi​.​hiphop [ 1 yr ]” (Release) is an online community, spearheaded by Canadian producer bsd.u, for like minded producers to connect over a shared appreciation for lo-fi instrumental boom bap. bsd.u has been curating compilations of the cream of the crop of the community, and [ 1 yr ] marks the 1 year anniversary. [ 1 yr ] is stacked with heat from relatively unknown producers to rising Soundcloud stars, and is one of the best compilations to come from the movement yet. The compilation features 34 tracks with production from:

bsd.u, bob le head, a.bee, slr, Abe Masaryk, toj, marni, 0PHARAOH, knowmadic, flxght, sl.drft, zeus the elevated, CHOPLIFTER!, Killer Bee, wisdom, dream entact, chance, anytwo, matthogan, mora., edhead., tunatown, L X S, k u r a n e s, adar, graves, Cold, eery, 5703, Lasoa, apOmorph, Free Real Estate, somburd, and xJK.

A lot of the producers are young as hell, and are frighteningly gifted for their age. Many are between 18-20 years old, and some of these cats aren’t even out of high school yet. That gives this sample based beat fanatic hope for the future.

Stream below, and download the compilation via the lofi.hophop Bandcamp.

Beats in the morning. Beats in the evening. Beats at supper time.

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