lofi.hiphop – “lofi.hiphop [ 008 ]” (Release)

Peep lofi.hiphop [ 008 ], the latest compilation hand selected by bsd.u from the lofi.hiphop community. 33 lo-fi instrumentals from young producers around the globe. lofi.hiphop has been growing into quite the movement. Hear why by streaming below, and copping a free download via the lofi.hiphop Bandcamp page.

Includes production from:

graves, a d i r o n d a c k, a.bee, 5 7 0 3, a d a r, baechulgi, billy the kid, blck.beetl, jacksxn, bob le head, cavesroad, dannyprovolone (frith), dingus, epifania, ill.fitting, insurance, KIYANI, k a g a m i, knowmadic, nash, poyta v.p., ross h., slyme, somburd, spiritfist, the prodigal sun, visceral, king.pagan, linanthem, mora., osamu, r o s e t i n t, yawn.wayne

David Peck

Beats in the morning. Beats in the evening. Beats at supper time.