Lupe Fiasco discusses petition & project

Lupe talks about his project on hold, and the issues surrounding the petition to get it released. #Lazers

He thinks he’s Martin Luther King, Malcolm X/ Tupac, Bob Marley.” Lupe Fiasco just put out a freestyle over Rick Ross’ B.M.F. beat (Lu’s song is called “Building Minds Faster”), but says another official mixtape isn’t coming anytime soon. Just as well, his fans want his album Lasers.

Last week, some of Fiasco’s fans launched a website petitioning Atlantic Records to release the LP, which has been completed for at least several months. Lupe maintains that he had nothing to do with the petition, but the fans’ support has moved him.

“I love to see progression,” he said yesterday via phone. “I love it. I love to see this petition. It brought me to tears a couple of times like, ‘these n—as really f— with me. All these kids and these fans f— with me and it’s some positive sh–. Go to and see what Lasers really is. … That’s what they’re petitioning for. Listen to ‘I’m Beamin,’ the song. It reaffirms what we’re doing.”

On Friday, one of Lu’s former producers, Prolyfic, took the Chicago MC to task on Twitter. Lupe was portrayed by Prolyfic as stubborn and as someone who’s constantly throwing tantrums, among other assertions.

“My old producer Pro, he was signed at the company maybe four or five years ago,” Fiasco said. “We used to be cool. But Pro knows why we ain’t cool no more. I’m not him, the type to air business or make false accusations just for the sake of getting my name out there. He knows why I don’t really f— with him. He knows why Chill don’t f— with him. He knows why the company don’t f— with him, why half of the city don’t really f— with him.”

At the heart of Lupe’s album being in limbo are his singles, or lack thereof. He says that Atlantic presented him with choices of singles they wanted him to record and put on his album. One of them turned out to be B.O.B’s “Nothing on You.” Fiasco, however, turned down using those records because, he says, it wouldn’t by fiscally sound. He was told he wouldn’t have any ownership of or publishing rights to the records.

“I don’t think the label cares about an album,” Lupe assessed. “I don’t think n—as care. People just want their number-one record. They don’t care about the rest of the album. I was talking to an engineer the other day and he said, ‘These n—as don’t even care about mixing an album no more.’ They just want the first three songs. Three singles. They get them, one, two, three, they don’t care what’s on the rest of the album. I know this for sure. I’ve seen it. You can’t blame them because of the attention span of the game and the attention span of music, how fast things are going. You only got them one, two, three shots. I’m not no fool. I’m looking at it like ‘Yeah, you’re right.’Read More | MTV

Here a recent freestyle done over the BMF instrumental by Lupe (even does the Ross rhyme scheme…haha). Props to FSD


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