Madchild ft. Matt Brevner & Dutch Robinson “Jitters” & “Monster” Video | @Madchild57 @MattBrevner

Madchild‘s Dope Sick is now available on iTunes (as of yesterday). The video above is Jitters, and might have more credits than any video I’ve ever posted (see below). The video down at the bottom is for his song Monster. Both of these videos are ill.

Writer/Director/Editor – David McDonald
Producer – Vince Prokop
Producer – Cat Gunn
Director of Photography – Graham Talbot
Director of Photography – Nelson Talbot
Production Manager – Lauren Beason
1st Assistant Director – Natasha Wehn
Production Designer – Cat Gunn
Starring in Order of Appearance: Matt Brevner, Madchild, Dutch Robinson
Bootlegger Cast: Alec Willows, Conor Gomez, Ryan Flowers
Gaffer – Mike Goyert
Key Grip – Jeremy Cox
Best Boy – Jeff Zwicker
1st Assistant Camera – Kurt Harder
2nd Assistant Camera – Sepehr Samimi
Grip – Eric Carbery
Costumes & Props – Cat Gun
Set Construction – Vince Prokop, Cameron Boon, Baron Shaver
Key Makeup – Natacha Trottier
Makeup Artists – Jennifer Robinson, Kara Alaric, Natascha Pederson
Key Hair – Jenine Lehfeldt
Hair Assist – Sonya Crepeau
Catering – Jan McDonald, Giselle Stonehouse
Props Builder – Gordon Talbot
Production Assistant – Amy McDonald
Extras Casting – Stu Mackay–Smith
Picture Car Coordinator – Jim MacDonald
Picture Car Owners – Greg & Franklin

Brothel Performers – Katie Johnson, Jennifer Robinson, Daniel St. Andrews, Scott McDonald, Garth Seymour, Angela Cooney, Andrea Cooney, Lara Cooney, Chenai Austin, Jenine Lehfeldt, Isis Vigouroux, Erin Hurst, Mark Gribbon, Martin Pomerleau.

Choir Performers – Nakisha McKinley, Zak Mndebele, Simone Maxwell, Dale Edwards, Kenneth Keys.

Special Thanks to: Reel Fake Stuff Studio, St. Andrews Wesley United Church, Jan & Gord Talbot, Baron Shaver and Cameron Boon.

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