MeLo-X – “Rich Man” ft. Little Simz

Check another dope self-produced track from Melo‘s upcoming GOD:WiFi project coming soon. Additional to a dope track and free download, you can also check out the lyrics below.

I told her that I wasn’t a rich man
as thee economy sinks in the quick sand
and I….I got a million things I could be doing right now
but I’m here singing these songs for you
and it’s true

So you better enjoy this
cause I cud of been collecting unemployment
amongst a bunch of other choices
but I chose this cause I’m focused
for the folks its
the feeling that they get when they open
an email and get a brand new song with details
On how to download for their ipads
and their iphones and their minds roam
while I travel over time zones
I inspire them with my poems
and this is my home
everything comes around
back in the day after shows I got daps and pounds
Now I’m out in London and after shows they pay me in pounds
and I need them euros in plurals
gotta get the money universal
running in a race jumping hurdles
between the pace of a hare and a turtle
like a blunt that you puff and it burns slow
I’ma choke on the game until its purple
no circulation until all of my music is circulating
all around the nation
and world wide
I know you real tired of the same rhymes
That’s why I stay switching it up
I drop hot shit get a bag and start picking it up
doggy style when I’m on the prowl
hit that track from the back then I’m out
I get it in for the win its a sin to pretend like
I don’t have the game figured out now

When I was a yute I want to be a super star
Riding round town in a big fancy car
but me never think se the road would be so
hard hard hard.. no sir.. me se – X2

And all the gyal dem say
yeah yeah yeah
Man dem say
woah woah woah
And di gyal dem say
yeah yeah yeah
Man dem say
woah woah woah x2


If I was a rich girl
Gimme all the money in the world
Fuck it
Gimme everything that I desire keeping it quiet I promise I wont tell
Won’t ever be worried about nuttin
Well I’m worried about suttin
This ain’t meant to be and if its meant to be then probably there’s no discussion
Because the currency talks
People that are clever be running the law
If the pound sign don’t bring happiness
I’m unhappy yes and that based on all of the things I’ve been taught ha
This shit expensive and your offering a cheap thrill
See that loud pack is steady shouting at you and it ain’t no Meek Mill
Oh, Going into detail
Better, strap on your seat belt
ain’t no, cheap ride, better pay the price this ain’t no resale
I’ma, strong minded female
In this big bad world
Little, simz, forever killing them
That’s money straight for my bail
That’s, money gone in an instant
Like candy floss to an infant
Like a light shining from far away whats that i see in the distance
Oh, shit, better play your bit
Try’na get that money better work your shift
Wisdom and intelligence I call that rich
In reality I’d be a broke chick. I remember..




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