MoRuf – “Shades of Moo” (Release)

We shared a track from MoRuf a week or so ago, and today you can stream and download (via DJ Booth) his Shades of Moo release.

1.Neighborhood (prod. ethereal)
2.RealEyes (madlib)
4.Respect94 (prod. Viktor Stone)
5.Soulhop (prod. Yesterdays New Quintet)
6.TOGETHERNESS ( Knxwledge)
7.Restwell (prod. Like)
8.her. (prod.madlib)
9.Homie.Lover.Friend (prod.THC)
10.Compromise (prod.Iman Omari)
11.tangerine[demo] (prod. Dj Harrison)
12.BuckleUp (prod. Andrew Cha)
13.JoyTears (prod. Brrd)
14.Fallen (prod.MeLo-X)
15.DYV ( prod.Ntu)
16. SoulRich (prod.Iman Omari)
17.Dodging.Dark.Clouds (prod. LabOx)
18.Letter2Los(prod. Taylor McFerrin)


I'm just trying to make my art and do what's smart. Cake donuts are clutch.