Moses Sumney – “Quarrel” (Video)

Song of the day for me goes to Moses Sumney and his beautiful sounding “Quarrel” song. Blending his voice ever-so congruently with the music production backing his vocals, Moses creates a peaceful and warming vibe as he takes you through his thoughts. Listen to the song above and follow along with the lyrics below. Purchase from this link.

He who asks for much
Has much to give
I don’t ask for much
Just enough to live
But in the light
Morning will reveal the spoils of night
Through the walls of Jericho
Lies a heart of stone

With you half the battle
Is proving that we’re at war
I would give my life just for the privilege to ignore

Don’t call it a Lovers’ Quarrel

To whom much is given
Much is required
Luxurious liver
You never inquire

It ain’t right, you see
Who is your family?
If I dont have tools to fight
Calling this a quarrel isn’t right

Quoting this a quarrel
So immorally implies
We’re equal opponents
And we both antagonize

Don’t call it a Lovers’ Quarrel
Don’t call it a Lovers’ Quarrel

We cannot be lovers
Cuz I am the other
We cannot be lovers
Long as I’m the other


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