Neak featuring Mike Schpitz, Slot-A, Drunken Monkeee “What You Know About”

I’m late. I need the late pass. Please. Some of you may have seen/heard the joint that Neak did over production from Maja 7th (I posted it a few weeks ago, and it was the first I heard of the cat). This track features Mike Schpitz, Slot-A, and Drunken Monkeee over a Pete Rock joint. Listen to it HERE

What You Know about Neak? For those who have had their browsers locked to the Booth for the past year or so, the answer is “lots.” If you haven’t been paying attention, though, don’t worry – we aren’t leaving you out in the cold. Making its world premiere here in the Booth, the inaugural leak off the freestyle series alum‘s forthcoming mixtape should give you a good idea of what the Windy City native and his colleagues are all about. A uniquely textured synth/sample instrumental by the legendary Pete Rock (whose classic beats back the entire project) sets the stage for the headliner’s monumental bars, as well as those of Chi-town’s Slot-A and Kansas representative Mike Schpitz. On the back, we get introduced to one rapper we didn’t know before: Drunken Monkeee showcases his gruff flow and his hip-hop knowledge in his closing verse, name-dropping everyone from Black Moon to Killah Priest. Now that we’re past introductions, do you feel like learning even more about Neak? Then pick up a copy of the Booth-sponsored Neak Rocks on Oct. 26, when it hits our mixtape page for free streaming and download. Read More |


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